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Prime - Bio Tanix Kit 100ml

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SKU 24385
With its exclusive FORCE-PLASTIA formula, the BIO TANIX EXTREME line straightens even the most resistant hair, reduces volume and eliminates frizz from the first application without yellowing the lightest and most discolored hair.

The formula contains essential actives for a complete hair recovery, providing straightening and nourishment to the hair with total safety. Say goodbye to aggressive chemicals and preservatives. With BIO TANIX EXTREME, your hair will gain a natural aspect, with intense shine, keeping it healthy and free of aggressions.

Has a purifying action. Cleans and dilates the hairbra, removing free radicals and excess silicones without damaging the hair to obtain a greater load of the reducing treatment. Its pH is 5.5. (1 liter)

Directions: Dampen hair, apply Purifying Shampoo: Phase 1 and massage evenly into hair.

Note: the scalp should be preserved and not rub or massage. Rinse thoroughly.

The FORCE-PLASTIA technology has an internal action on acid pH by releasing hydrogen. Combined with the blend of acids, it straightens without causing any damage to the hairbrains and prevents yellowing and fading. Hair up to 100% straight with a simple and safe application. (1 liter)

Directions for use: On resistant and natural hair, dry 80% of the hair, divide it and apply Reducer Complex – Phase 4 strand by strand one centimeter from the scalp. After total application, cover with a plastic cap and let it pause for 60 minutes. After the pause, rinse out 80% of the product.

In blond and fine hair, dry 50% of the hair, apply the product lock by lock, cover with a plastic cap and let pause for 45 minutes. After the pause, rinse abundantly.

After rinsing, dry with a towel, divide and start brushing with traction and heat. Then, separate fine locks and straighten each one 10 to 15 times, according to the resistance of the strands. For blonde hair, use a straightening board from 180ºC to 200ºC, depending on the lightening level.

Ultra conditioning formula that contains Silk Protein, which seals the hair cuticles and balances the pH, forming a film on the hair and protecting it against external agents. Besides providing the antioxidant effect, it gives durability to the result, restoring elasticity, shine and intense softness. (1 liter)

Directions: To finish, we recommend the use of Phase 5 – Repair Mask, leave for 5 to 10 minutes to equalize and rinse. Finish as desired. The result is naturally straight hair with a lot of shine and no fading of the strands.