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⚠️Clearance Page - Bundle deals - 20-60% Off End of Lines ⚠️

Brumby Stool - Black Base - Click'n Clean Castor Wheels

by Joiken

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SKU 43524BB

The design of the Brumby saddle stool promotes a natural, upright posture. By sitting on a saddle-shaped seat, your spine is encouraged to align in its natural curve, which reduces strain on the back and neck. This can help alleviate back pain and prevent long-term postural issues. The Brumby saddle stool is available in either black or chrome 5-star base with easy cleaning wheels making it an excellent choice for hair salons, beauty spas, barber or workshop studios

This Unique Click’n Clean castor wheel with Ground-Breaking Technology!

• Designed to protect your stool and trolley against hair and dirt.
• The new unique Click’n Clean system will also allow you to clean your stool or  trolley wheels in minimal time when compared to your present wheel castor.
• The Click’n Clean castor wheel will put you back in charge of your salon priorities

Overall, the Brumby black upholstery saddle-like stool with a black base and Click'n Clean Castor Wheels combines style, comfort, and mobility, making it an excellent choice for various settings, such as hair salons, beauty spas, barbershops or workshop studios.

* Black Upholstery
* Contoured saddle-like seat 
* Gas lift
* Black base 
* Click'n Clean wheels for mobility